Pizza and Lasagne Combo

Pizza and Lasagne Combo


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Can’t decide between pizza or lasagne? No need. This package contains 2 pizzas of your choice and 2 lasagnes of your choice.

$67.36 plus shipping

Add up to 3 more pizzas for $18.19 each.

Choose 2 Lasagne Casseroles of your choice:

With Marinara Sauce – 1520 Cal
Our legendary marinara sauce flavors tender lasagne baked with our own special whole-milk mozzarella cheese.

With Meat Sauce – 1610 Cal
Our meat sauce casseroles feature Italian beef, baked with our own special whole-milk mozzarella cheese.

Choose 2 Pizzas of your choice:

Classic Hamburger – 270 Cal/slice
Out most popular pizza, featuring our famous Italian-seasoned ground beef.

Pepperoni – 260 Cal/slice
The slightly spicy, cured Italian pepperoni blends to perfection with our zesty pizza sauce.

Famous Mozzarella Cheese Pizza – 230 Cal/slice
Our custom-made mozzarella cheese nestled atop our slow-cooked, slightly zesty, and slightly sweet secret Valentino’s pizza sauce.

Quattro Formaggi – 260 Cal/slice
A blend of three Italian cheeses and spices combined with cheddar cheese make this one of our most popular pizzas.

The Famous Valentino’s Special – 290 Cal/slice
Our combo pizza with Italian-seasoned ground beef, Italian sausage, pepperoni, honey-cured ham, and sliced mushrooms make this a classic.

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Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 17 × 17 × 17 in